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Santana Garrett Choked!

2021.12.07 22:26 TheManipulator_25 Santana Garrett Choked!

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2021.12.07 22:26 Clajka New design of Luferix and Jimenix! (OC of u/chaosimaginator)

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2021.12.07 22:26 veixxbeats (FREE) Freestyle Type Beat - "9 LIVES" | Free Type Beat 2021 | Hard Trap Type Beat

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2021.12.07 22:26 chiaotzu_Tien Bestest girl

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2021.12.07 22:26 BruhMoment-100 What movie that won best picture do you think shouldn’t have gotten it?

A lot of the movies that have won best picture are really good but for example a lot of people compare how the kings speech a movie that won best picture in 2011 although a very good movie the majority of people say that “The Social NetWork” should have won it and personally in my opinion I also agree that The Social NetWork was more deserving of Best Picture than the kings speech was.This is also the case for other movies such as Shakespeare In Love winning Best picture in 1999 even though Saving Private Ryan was much more deserving of Best picture.Also the case with Crash winning best picture in 2006 as oppose to Brock back mountain.And now people look these movies and think they were a lot better than the ones that actually won best picture showing that some of these films were a lot more deserving of best picture.What do you think do you have any films that you feel this way about?
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2021.12.07 22:26 Megadumduck [LF] Apollo [FT] Bells or Tickets

I have been looking for apollo forever with no luck (300+ tickets) if anyone has him let me know what i could offer for him.
Thank you!!
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2021.12.07 22:26 Gooch_Sack Your Very First Fisher-Price Phone Now Works and You Can Call Your Friends

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2021.12.07 22:26 ChinEasonRGM Aqua Infuse Gacha Results Megathread

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2021.12.07 22:26 reddit_ozone Struggling with helping my only parent or cutting him off

I guess I am looking to vent. My 80 year old father has slowly turned himself into a recluse and now I am struggling to help sort his life out. He is making it so difficult I am wondering why I am even trying. For background I am a 34 year old male. My mother whom I was much closer to and was mainly raised by died after a long battle with cancer just before my 15th birthday. My parents had been separated and my mom had the majority of custody of me. So I only lived with my father full time for 3 years until I left after highschool to live with another family member in a different city where I had much better opportunities. While my mom was alive i was close to a straight A student and was told how important education was and my father was more of the fun dad who only had me every other weekend and 2 days a week. All school stuff was done by my mom/At my moms house and my father had no idea about progress reports or anything school related for the most part. I had always known my father was involved with drugs before I was born and closer to her death my mom told me he had been successful with selling drugs but he wasn’t a role model and by having an addiction to cocaine he had slowly been ruining himself. When i was a child they did a good job of hiding his habit from me but looking back now i can easily see how it wasn’t normal for my dad to spend days in his room with the door closed or how he always woke up around 10am-12(noon) and would be awake until 2-4 in the morning. From what I have been told my father used to be extremely clean and organized but for as long as I have been alive that has not been the case. He kept bizarre hours, didn’t do laundry on a schedule. He just was not organized and never had a need to have any schedule. From my childhood years my father slowly began to become a hoarder, when my mom seperated from him it became a little worse. when my mom died and I moved back to my fathers house full time I had to clean out a spare bedroom just to have space for my extra stuff coming from my moms house just to give you an idea.
While I lived with my father I did most of the cleaning, dishes, laundry. Took care of myself essentially and he would watch 3 different TVs all day, mainly the news and would surf the internet if he wasn’t watching tv in his room. When i became a senior in highschool I discovered pot and even though my dad didn’t approve he allowed a few friends and me to smoke there as long as there was no drinking, he assumed we would smoke regardless so being safe in the house made more sense to him. Like i said my father was always current with news, pop culture, music so all my friends loved him. Me and my friends would do our thing in my room and he would be in his room or office doing his thing so it was simple, and he was always home. My friends ignored the other rooms that had clutter since they were nice and also appreciated having somewhere to get high. If you can guess my school effort went down with no supervision (i still finished highschool with a 3.0 gpa) and my dad didn’t really want me to move out of the house. Since he wanted me to help contribute more to the rent. I didn’t mention earlier but i was forced to basically get a job at Chuck E. Cheese when i was 16 and i only kept half the paycheck. The other half my dad used which went to rent, food etc. After my mom died and before i turned 18 i believe my dad was getting assistance that helped us survive, but getting my job helped as well, i actually enjoyed being out of the house even the the job was not that great.
My father has never worked since I have been alive. He was almost 20 years older than my mother and used to be very charming and popular. He also happened to be a drug dealer. He never got caught but also was too stupid to ever invest in anything. So all the money he saved and made in the 80s was gone by the mid 90s when he racked up credit card debt. When I was done with high school I immediately left him in my childhood home that my mom had found for us when they were together. It was in a nice suburban area and rent controlled. Even though my father was useless in most ways he knew it was best to pay the rent. My father stayed in this house for another 3-5 years until the landlord wanted him out since he wasn’t keeping the property clean and due to neighbor complaints. When i had moved out i was concerned for my father, since he was lonely and had no income and would be losing income with me no longer being under 18 and i knew he would be slowly running out of money so i convinced him to sell a little pot to my friends on the side, it worked out great because they enjoyed visiting with my dad so it gave him a little side money and also gave him some social interaction. When his landlord finally gave him eviction paperwork I was immediately so stressed out for him and came down to San Diego on the weekends to try(i was in community college and working at the time) and help him sort through the house and see what he wanted to do but in The end he battled the landlord for 4-5 months and when it really came down to moving he didn’t do anything to prepare to move. Luckily his sister and brother in law (the only members of his family that want anything to do with him) came down from Cañada and helped me sell or get rid of all his unnecessary stuff and they found him an apartment in a cheaper part of town by the ocean. (My aunt and uncle really came to help because they love me and didn’t want me to go through that on my own, yes they are amazing people)
You would think he might try and get his life in order but no he didn’t. Instead he complained about his new place and fought with the manager and then the owner of the building and after a few years he was forced to leave.
Somehow i sweet talked a very nice, but strict manager at a near by apartment complex and she took pity on my father and rented him an apartment even though his credit report was awful. He lasted another 2 years there until he fought( when i say fought i mean argue my father would never physically hurt or touch someone in that manner) with too many neighbors over the noise, while they complained about him selling pot( he was selling pot but about $100 with a week if that, and so were other neighbors in this complex)
This time his credit was shot, he had repeated evictions on his record and no one was interested or available to come bail him out so i came down from Los Angeles ( he is Living in San Diego)and packed up everything and got a storage unit for him and he wound up around the corner from his most recent apartment, and had to stay at an extended stay motel, a real dump.
He said he would only stay there for a little while until he could get his head straight and figure out a new plan but that “little” while turned into almost 10 years. He now blames me for not figuring everything out for him and finding him a place.
In this 10 years he moved rooms 3 times to end up in a larger handicap room in the motel but he was slowly being overwhelmed with bills. For a while at first he was doing fine and making enough money to make rent when combined with his social security (it’s less than $800 a month, while his rent at the more started at 1100 and is now 1500) But before covid i now know he was beginning to get behind on his rent and then once covid happened he quarantined full time and saw even less people than before and made no side money so he started using his credit cards to pay rent. Then without my knowledge he just stopped paying rent because he was hitting his credit card limits. He has an Ebt card but wasn’t even using it for some moronic reason until i discovered he had it. The Ebt card was very helpful until he let it lapse 3 months ago, another thing he can’t get himself to fix, even though it’s a simple phone call.
Which brings us to about a month ago when they served him with evictions papers. Again I was totally beside myself with worry for him but after enough degenerates around him told him it would take months and not too worry so soon he continued to do nothing. Now this past weekend he was once again served with evictions paperwork to either give a legal response or move within 5 days from delivery of the paperwork.
Needles to say. He has basically no where to go, I am an only child, the rest of his family is on the east coast and doesn’t have any interest in him. I am just barely affording my own life with my girlfriend and 2 cats, as it is so I have no space for him and barely any money to help him with. I know i have not been the perfect son. And my dad is not a bad person. He stopped using drugs 15+ years ago(not that there is anything wrong with using drugs) and is the kind of person/parent that would give me his kidney/lung/whatever in a heartbeat if it meant helping me but he also cannot help himself. He let his car fall apart and left it at the mechanic because he was too embarrassed to call them after 6 months. I gave him my old car after that and now it hasn’t been driven since pre covid and the tags/registration is all long since lapsed. The only thing he truly cares about is his news and internet access so he can watch/stream/ pirate as much as he can. And he spends a lot of time making anti trump meme’s since he has been a die hard liberal and hated trump since the 90s. And loves just sharing internet things he thinks people will be interested in. This is one reason he is so frustrating, as an 80 year old man. He is super computer literate, he always had computers my entire life, he understands politics, is nice and personable and internet savvy so it’s maddening that he just refuses to go to Craigslist or anywhere to look for somewhere else to live or go to the Ebt website to fix his issues or do anything helpful for himself. All of that falls to me.
During those 10 years in the motel i relocated 3 times in California so I was all over and unable to help him. I changed jobs/ careers, changed relationships. At times when i was more successful i sent him money and would pay for groceries to be delivered to him and when i had times i wasn’t doing well financially i was not able to help as much.
Bottom line is I love my father, he helped make me the person I am for better and for worse. But as much as I feel like a piece of shit for saying and thinking it. I am torn between wanting to fix everything for him, which will put a huge strain on me financially, a huge strain on my personal life and overall just make me miserable since he is only a source of needing and complaining/misery. To almost wishing he wasn’t around any more, which is fucking sad. Which i know later on will probably fuck me up when i come to terms with it. But The thought of having to support him for another 10-15 years sounds expensive and extremely daunting especially since it’s barely appreciated and anytime i do anything and then offer something simple for him to accomplish his attitude is to just ask me why i don’t do everything in the first place. The only other option is trying to relocate him to low income senior living places but they are expensive and most have a wait list. And spoiler alert the one place i found that is perfect, cheap and has weekly social worker visits wants to run his credit, which as you may have guessed is fucked. So it’s either get him on a wait list and try to figure out vouchers and discounts and try and fix his credit and put him in an apartment i will have to help pay the rent or block his number and wish him the best but i know he will literally be on the street And i think i would truly feel like an awful person if i know my handicap, feeble, lazy father is on the streets. I’m not really sure what else to say. Every time i read what i wrote above there are other insane things my father has done to make his life harder or my life harder but i am losing motivation to continue typing. Sadly after typing this I’m almost sure my plan is going to be to save him for one more year, risk ruining my credit by being a co signer just to get him into another spot that is again above his means which i will have to help pay the balance of since my name will be on the line. During this year i plan to put more effort than i want to or should need to so i can get him set up and in line to receive benefits and hopefully get let into a low income senior living place or at least on the waitlist. Also figure out how to fix his credit or get him to declare bankruptcy so he will actually be accepted into this low income places.
To anyone who suffered through this rant. Thank you. Anyone that has any advice I am always interested in listening.
And to selfish people getting old, or even in their 30-50s start taking care of yourselves. Your children shouldn’t not be responsible for taking care of you when your older. If you gave your children a good childhood and they have the financial means to help, your kids will want to take care of you. If you half ass being a parent and don’t plan for the rest of your life don’t be surprised when everyone who can, decides to bail on you. I wish my father was capable or even just put in a little effort. Seeing him try would motivate me to help so much more. But to see him do nothing and then blame others and me for his problems just sucks for everyone involved especially me. His son. Who loves him and also now hates him.
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2021.12.07 22:26 Practical-Button4675 Can anyone explain why are we always seeing movement in the after hours or slightly before after hours? Shorts covering? Still trying to understand the strange movement going on always before market open or after hours?

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2021.12.07 22:26 SamEF18 🤣😂 wow

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2021.12.07 22:26 jfs4726 This sub every evening of Donkey Kong December

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2021.12.07 22:26 boxingjazz With Gabrielle Union

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2021.12.07 22:26 TheAnxiousINFJ 60mg update

So my psychiatrist increased my dose of prozac from 10mg to 20mg to 40mg, and it has never showed any signs of working. She thought it was due to my fast metabolism, so increased my dose to 60 mg. For the first time taking any medication for anxiety, I’ve actually noticed some kind of change. After about a week 1/2 of taking 60mg, I noticed I get extremely physically tired even when my mind is alert, which is not usual for me. I am also beginning to feel so so so very hungry throughout the day, even after I ate an entire meal. These aren’t necessarily good things, but it gives me some hope that my mental state might also start to change lol.
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2021.12.07 22:26 Frankcis25 Is there a way to make stockpile fun

For some reason, I'm forced into this mode almost every time I go into a big team battle and It's just awful every time. It is just a stomp one way or the other. Half your team is carrying cells and so you get outgunned or their team is holding all the cells and you obliterate them it only comes down to the spawn of the cells and where the vehicles get airdropped (which is an issue in big team battle in general tbh). maybe do fewer cells? or maybe fewer vehicles? or maybe it's the fact all game modes are in the same queue so I get a sense of dread when I load into stockpile when it could've been slayer or total control.
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2021.12.07 22:26 nora112112 Lusefell

My first map in Wonderdraft still in progress but I'm very happy with it so far.
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2021.12.07 22:26 MetsWillRise [NXT Spoiler] Superstar seemingly waves goodbye

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2021.12.07 22:26 shlumprock Are the servers going to go down at some point tonight for campaign?

Title says it all. I get off work at midnight EST and was looking forward to playing when I got home. But have seen a post saying they won’t have the servers up for multiplayer at some point tonight. Is this true?
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2021.12.07 22:26 punksnotdeadtupacis BONK Norris- No Horni

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2021.12.07 22:26 Confident_System_281 5 Great land for sale in Chiang Ra

Chiang Rai is the northernmost major city in Thailand,

  1. 6,744 sqm land for sale in Chiang Rai.
It is a unique property with approx 6744sqm
Ideal property with great views in Chiang Rai, Mae Chan, Chan Chawa Tai.
Just minutes out of town.
There are many acres of this ground that can be expanded upon for more campsites.
The road around the outside makes the whole property easy to access.
  1. 7,972 sqm beautiful land for sale in Chiang Rai.
It is a unique property with approx 7972sqm
Ideal property with great views in Chiang Rai, Wiang Chai, Mueang Chum.
Just minutes out of town.
There are many acres of this ground that can be expanded upon for more campsites.
The road around the outside makes the whole property easy to access.
  1. 42,044 sqm land for sale in Chiang Rai.
It is a unique property with approx 42044sqm
Ideal property with great views in Chiang Rai, Wiang Chiang Rung.
Just minutes out of town.
The possibilities surrounding the ownership of this unique property and thriving business are endless.
The road around the outside makes the whole property easy to access.
  1. 20,292 sqm land for sale in Chiang Rai.
It is a unique property with approx 20292sqm
Ideal property with great views in Chiang Rai, Mueang Chiang Rai, Pa O Don Chai.
Just minutes out of town.
Water is life in the world, and this land obtains plenty of it.
Water is life in the world, and this land obtains plenty of it.
  1. 1,600 sqm land for sale in Chiang Rai.
It is a unique property with approx 1600sqm
Ideal property with great views in Chiang Rai, Mueang Chiang Rai, Ban Du.
Just minutes out of town.
Pictures just do not do this property's size and habitat justice.
Water is life in the world, and this land obtains plenty of it.

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2021.12.07 22:26 Curleh-Mustache Instal question

I recently bought a home. Comcast hasn't ever been installed there. My backyard is literally all decking. I was just wondering about this but will they be able to install? In past homes it's always been buried cables and as far as the backyard goes there is no way to bury anything currently.
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2021.12.07 22:26 Jellyoscar *drinks alcohol to feel better/something different*

*eventyally gets bored of that too but it's still better than being sober only that it costs money.
Fucky wucky damn.
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2021.12.07 22:26 Emily_Dreemurr Chara, this you?

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