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2021.12.07 22:13 Embarrassed_Hunter53 TRADING 2.2K ROBUX FOR A FROST DRAGON !

comment pls :D
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2021.12.07 22:13 Ecom1414 Highest score I've gotten in BR75 3 star drill (32,385). Anyone gotten higher?

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2021.12.07 22:13 Low_Individual_1489 Looking to trade for 33 Ellie or 20 Billy please. Trade must ship with USPS tracked. Thank you!

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2021.12.07 22:13 AubreyE83 First Marathon experience from the slow guy in the back

Race Information

Goals Completed?
A) Finish Yes
B) Don't Die Yes
C) Under 6 hours (ahead of the streets opening up again) Yes
D) Enjoy myself YES!

Mile Time
1 13:20
2 13:16
3 12:50
4 13:01
5 12:27
6 12:29
7 13:05
8 12:29
9 12:27
10 13:13
11 12:39
12 12:18
13 13:32
14 12:15
15 12:26
16 13:31
17 12:14
18 12:13
19 13:17
20 12:01
21 12:26
22 13:56
23 12:13
24 13:09
25 13:47
26 10:48
.2 2:51

I'm a 37 year old guy who sits at a desk all day (CPA). I'm going to be honest, I have always thought running for the sake of running was stupid. I played soccer through college, I got really into biking and have done a century and some triathlons (in which I despised the running portion), but I haven't run (or done any exercise) consistently for a decade. A marathon is just something that's been on my list and last time a tried training (a decade ago) I found out that I had a partially torn ACL from sometime when I played soccer. When the pandemic hit, the last thing I wanted to do was run. I started running 16 weeks ago with the specific goal of doing a marathon to check the box and be done and go back to biking or swimming. I used the generic plan from runners world and signed up. My first run in training, I lasted 5 minutes before I needed to walk. In preparation, I ran two Halfs and a 30k. Somehow this sport has me addicted and I've had a blast since my first Half in week 8.
One pre-race anecdote that saved my race. I have a friend who is a runner who said his mom used to do marathons. He asked if I wanted to ask her for any advice. I said sure, and while I had learned a good bit of it prior, the big thing she said was make sure to sleep well two nights before the race. I had planned on staying up late two nights before so I would be tired enough to sleep the night before. I'm not above getting good advice from someone who's done it before me, so I slept like a baby two nights before, no big deal. So night before I get in bed at 7:15, have an Epsom salt bath and I take my melatonin and I'm ready for a good night sleep. We get to 9pm and my wife comes to bed, still haven't slept, but no problem, we have plenty of time. 11pm rolls around and I'm a little worried, but no problem, I just need to relax, breath and I'll wake up and be raring to go. 2am rolls around and I want to cry because I've wasted 16 weeks of training all in 7 hours. But very importantly I tell myself "you can't cry, that's energy you'll need tomorrow", so I don't. I finally start listening to an audio book and get a few fleeting winks of sleep in. My whoop gave me credit for 15 minutes of deep sleep, and I think that's generous. I google if you can run on no sleep and find that sleeping two nights before is more important, so while I'm down, I tell myself I can gut it out.
Race Day:
At 4:30 I get up, because falling asleep at this point is stupid, and so is sleep, and so is this race. I eat a bagel with some peanut butter and an instant breakfast with milk and get my gear on and ready to go. My brother picks me up with his wife (who is also running) and we head over to the buses that take us to the starting line. Buses stop at 6:30, so we wait until 6:22 before we get out of the warm car. When we were getting out, my brother asks me if I'm throwing away the sweater I'm wearing, to which I respond yes. He says he has one that he found somewhere and doesn't care about, do I want to use that instead. I say sure and get out and get on the bus with my sister-in-law. Bus is seconds from taking off and I realize I left my headphones in my brothers car in switching sweaters. I yell "STOP!" and run off the bus. My brother, fortunately enough for me was still in the parking lot at Dutch Brothers coffee, so I run over there and grab the headphones. Now I tell you this story because I'm a firm believer that I signed up for 26.2 miles, not 26.2 plus a warmup. I've just wasted more energy and I'm living rent free in my own head at this point.
My race strategy had been to hang out with the 6 hour pacer and once I feel comfortable I'm going to finish, then I could step it up a bit. I get to the start line and start talking to people and they say her pace is 11:30 or so for a minute, then walk at 15:00 for 2 minutes or something of that nature. Now that's fine and good, but my pace has always been 12:00 to 12:30 for 3 miles, take a couple minutes to walk then back at it for another 3 taking every water offered at the stations. This is drastically different than what it sounded like she was doing, so I made an executive decision, we're not hanging with the pacer. Fuck it, we're doing it live!
Now, gun goes off at 7am, and being at the back we hang out for a bit and start moseying up to the starting line as people go through. I officially cross the finish line at 7:14:34 AM, which is great, no problems, but then it occurs to me that I've read an email from CIM saying that they have licenses to close the roads for 6 hours, hence the limit. Every race previously has gone by the gun time, not the chip time. Do I now need to run a 5:45 just to not have to worry about crosswalks and traffic?!?!?!
I'm going to blatantly plagiarize another post here because the description was accurate. I live 2 miles away from the start line so I was very familiar with most of the course. The race starts at Folsom Lake, about 2 miles from Folsom Prison (yes the one Johnny Cash sang about) and ends at the California State Capitol. Although the course is advertised as downhill course, it is not. FYI: The course does have a net elevation loss, but there are quite a lot of rollers throughout the course, especially in the first couple miles adding up to nearly 250 feet of climbing which is not a lot but it really adds up unexpectedly. It was about 43F at the start line and foggy that resulted in it being kind of humid.
Now, I was freaked the fuck out about several worries, but once I crossed the start line I just started putting one foot in front other the other, BUT SLOWLY, NO BANKING TIME! I start the first couple miles in the low 13s and I'm feeling like I have a good pace and my worries start to drift a bit. I'm not sure where they start, but you start running through neighborhoods pretty early on, and it's just a big freaking block party. Everyone is out there barbecuing, live bands, cheering, signs, more cowbells than you can shake a stick at, and I start having a BLAST! I'm smiling, I'm grabbing every high five people will give, touching the power up signs, I'm joking with the spectators as I run by, if I'm gonna pass out as some intersection up there, I'm gonna have some fun before I get there.
I don't know why, but every race around mile 9 or 10 I get this big burst of energy. It's why I've loved the Halfs so much and figured if I didn't like this race, at least I'll check the box and I can just go back to doing 13.1s forever. Well I get that, but I hold off. "Respect the distance." At mile 12, I realize I'm going a bit faster, but I'm not feeling like I'm trying harder, so I allow myself the slightest satisfaction that we're banking a bit of time, but its ok we're still saving the energy, nothing to worry about. Just keep vibing. I'm not sure when it was, but I'm enjoying myself in my rhythm so much I half step into a HUGE pothole in the middle of an intersection. Fortunately I had enough grip on the back of my shoe to stay out of it, but I feel like I was inches away from a broken ankle. This woke me up a bit, but we're staying positive and I laughed about it with the people around me for a mile afterwards.
Now the longest I've run is a 30k and I didn't enjoy that and was dead tired by the end. This was mostly because the roads were shit and it was a small enough race that I was running alone for half of it. I don't need to talk to people (and usually don't much), I just need to be around other people. So I'm expecting to start feeling rough anytime now as I get into the high teens. I get to the 18 mile marker, we're feeling fine, keep it going. I get to mile 20 (the breakthrough zone and they have inflatable brick walls to mark the area), still good. And it hits me, "Oh my god, I'm going to finish this thing" and I start tearing up. This happens another 5 to 10 times over the next 6 miles.
I take my walk break at mile 21 and think, ok maybe I should take another one at mile 23 and just finish out the last 3. No worries, grab some nuun and some water and I'm running again, but now I'm feeling the fatigue. Ok, no worries, just take another walk break at mile 24 and we'll be fine. I get my heartrate back down, and we're off again. I have always finished my races strong because I take naturally to sprinting much more than this distance stuff, so I want my last mile to be STRONG. Plus we're now in the downtown area and all the restaurants and bar patrons are cheering and hyping me up. Let's do this. I throw up a 10:48 on my 26th mile and I know I'm close. My GPS was off by between .25 and .3 miles because I started it way too early, and I'm too tired to remember to check when I see the 26 mile mark so I'm not really sure where that finish line is. We take a turn, and all of a sudden it's 40 meters off. I swear to you if I had been hit by lightning in those 40 meters I would not have slowed down. Video of me making a fool of myself . I was sure I was going to cry as I crossed the finish line, I had damn near done so plenty already. But I was so pumped up I couldn't decide whether to scream and jump up and down or cry, so I just settled into this euphoric calm of neither while I hugged my children. I've done some athletic things in my life, but at age 38 in a couple weeks, I have to say I am easily most proud of this.
Yesterday, I had trouble walking. Today, I'm sore, but honestly I want to go for a jog or something. For the last 48 hours, you haven't been able to swipe the shit eating grin off my face. I did it! Was I fast? Nope. But I finished, and I've signed up for next year's CIM.
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2021.12.07 22:13 TheSevenDragons I'm halfway through Dead Lies Dreaming and something about the worldbuilding blew my mind

It's absolutely terrifying how quickly the scientific use of magic, with proper methodology and equipment and doctrine, has spread throughout the UK (at least) after Case Nightmare Green went into full suing and the superpowered people started appearing everywhere, plus the Alfar incursion. Apparently luxury cars have occult defenses on them now. I wonder if any other countries have gone so far off the rails like the UK (possibly the US too) during these days.
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CUUC 2021 Anime Opening | Blue Bird If CUUC 2021 had an anime opening it would look like this. Video is on my YouTube
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It's kind of odd that neoliberal claims to support diversity, yet there isn't a flair for the most famous BIPOC (Black) economist. Maybe mods should pick someone else other than white men for flairs? Just a thought 🤷‍♂️
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So, I have a farm in a rural area, however I don’t want a system that uses internet, a router or data. I want to know if there is a system that only uses wired camera, which then I connect to the black box and then able to display on a monitor??
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